Telling a story through data



Constellation seems most interesting as a metaphor

  • Have seen other metaphors in previous works
  • Easy to compare between different people
  • Enter more data points, the constellation gets more detailed

Look into Airtable (helps you pull data from the server)

Evolution isn’t smooth in…

Design Hero Part III

Combining a two of his interviews, I decided on the following script.

“I hate words ending in “ism”s. “Functionalism”… it’s terrible. “Nationalism” is terrible. A lot of words ending in “ism”s… But functionality — it’s important.”

In case of color I was very careful. Sometimes, small important things I have…

Design Hero Part 1

Prompt: Design an informational poster for someone who knows nothing about your design hero.

Key points:

  • gather, curate and craft text, images and typography that best tell the story of your hero and their work.
  • make a poster that both delights and resonates with your audience…

Typeface Video of Vista Sans

My process for my typeface video is very music driven. Music is so important in this project because it helps set the mood, the pacing, and helps tell the story.


Because Vista Sans is all about the balance between an expressive calligraphic serif and a…

Vista Sans—a humanist yet pragmatic semi-serif


  • designed by Xavier Dupré
  • inspired by hand lettered shop signs in Sumatra
  • published in 2008
  • inspired also by blackletter
  • a family consisting of 36 weights (has both narrow and normal styles)
  • same family as Vista Slab

“The designer’s intention was to create a typeface…

Authors: Nicole Yu, Chelsea Liu

How designers influence bad behavior on consumers with planned obsolescence

We found the lectures surrounding designing for emotion very new and interesting, how something physical can effectively assign a certain cognitive value in your head. Before, we had never consciously reflected on the thoughts we had in our heads when we interacted with products, and…

Chelsea Liu

missed the train to Hogwarts.

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